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Friday, August 19, 2011

3 weeks of vacation

Sorry it's been so long...we've been busy and are currently on our 3 week vacation with limited internet access. I should have some GREAT photos to share 2 regions of France with everyone (Loire Valley and Dordogne). They are amazing places and I think our photos will be spectacular. I am also almost 8 months pregnant. I haven't announced this yet on my blog...but here it is! I plan to do a blog post comparing Pregnancy in the US vs. France and that includes the Assurance Maladie that we have here in France. I have learned a lot and plan to divulge my wisdom on other would be expat mothers in France. Or for people who are just interested in how things are the same or different here. I'm sure a lot of you are very interested in the healthcare system we have here. I will also update everyone on M and his growth and learning. I plan to post on his language skills since they have really started to take off recently. I have been keeping a list of learned words etc...since he started to speak. So this should be an in depth post. We are getting him a big boy bed, potty training and trying to prepare him for the transition of being a big brother (good luck right?!?). So it sounds like I have a few good posts ahead of me. But for now...we are here in Dordogne restin' and relaxin' and soaking up the SUN ;-) Talk to you all in a week and a half or so! TN