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Thursday, July 5, 2012

3rd Birthday American Style + Frenchies = ;-)

We were battling over whether to throw Little Man a 3rd birthday party or not.  And if we did who would we invite (friends from the neighborhood, English speaking friends or family and close friends)?

We have been really getting to know a lot of people lately.  Not just from Little Man's halte de garderie (part time daycare) but also through an English Group we are a part of.  It was hard to decide since SOME of the English Speakers aren't all French Speakers.  And I wasn't sure if the French Speaks could all speak English since I have only spoken French to them.   So we did not know if they would mix well.  We decided to go with just friends from the neighborhood!  So the Frenchies it is...

With a little help from Little Man we decided to throw a Robot Party ;-)

Here are pics of our invites we handmade!

I decided to do something VERY American and have cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies!

OH MY the cookies were to die for!

For the cupcakes I decided to be French Friendly and just do a dollop of frosting (homemade btw!)

Here is Little Man saying he is ''tree years old'' ;-)

All in all it was a good time and we got to bond a bit more with our neighborhood friends.  Who btw will mostly be in Little Man's Preschool (Maternelle) Class in the Fall!


Cupcakes -
Cookies - SOOOO GOOD!
Frosting Recipe -  4 cups sifted confectioners sugar (powdered sugar)
                              1/2 cup butter softened
                              1 teaspoon vanilla
                              3 tablespoons milk
                              food coloring optional
                              -in large bowl beat with an electric mixer