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Thursday, December 30, 2010

october 2010

I forgot to post some of the fun activities we did in here is a general post about the month.

It is FALL...leaves are turning.  We are wearing sweaters and occasionally coats!  I am not used to this kind of weather being from Florida.  It is also very gray everyday...

This month we went to the Aquarium at Trocadero (which is near the Eiffel Tower)...M loved it!  Even though he is still so small he loved seeing the fish and sharks.  It is VERY expensive 20 euros per person (babies under 2 are free).  But we had a buy one get one free ticket from  I think once he is about 5 years old he will love it.  They had tons of activities for older kiddos (touching pool, marionette theatre,  arts and crafts area (they were making headbands), fish themed movies etc...

We also met F's parents in Chantilly for lunch (they camp in the summers near there to get out of the city...much needed as I am figuring out!).  This time we took a tour of the castle and gardens.  It is very pretty and still green even for Fall ;-)

That's about it for our October - except for Halloween which was on another Post.

Happy Fall...Hopefully Happy Winter as well

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