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Sunday, May 8, 2011

enamel on silver art clay

Here is my take on combining the two mediums Enamel and Silver Art Clay!

I have started to make my Silver Art Clay projects at home other than the firing process.

Below I have tried to take photos of the entire process.  It took 4 firing in a special oven to create this and about 3 hours of work.  But I think it turned out beautifully!

As you can see the Pre-filed, Pre-dried, Pre-fired, PRE everything is quite rough...but the work you do after the clay is dried corrects all these small imperfections!

Pre-Dried, Pre-Filed, Pre-Fired
Up Close View
Forgot to take a pic of the Post-Dried/Filed
This is the Pre-Polished photo - very matte looking (sorry it's blurry camera phone!)
Adding the Enamel (which is colored glass in the form of Powder)

Final Product!
Another view
Yet another view

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