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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And I'm Back!

I am officially blogging again!

I was having troubles with my Picasa account (which holds all of my blogger photos) it was full to capacity.  Either I needed to pay Google for more space PER YEAR...or delete my photos and re-upload them smaller than I had originally.

Being 8 months pregnant, having a lot of things to do before the baby arrived, having said baby, taking care of said baby...suffice it to say that I was REALLY busy!

I plan to catch up on my blogging and would like to blog about being pregnant in France, having a baby in France, French Health Care, Registering a US Citizen overseas, vacations, holidays and many many many many posts about our new baby daughter we shall call her "Little Miss"on this blog ;-)

Here is a sneak peek photo of Little Miss ENJOY!

BTW not sure why my older posts are not showing up below this one...but just click older posts and they will come up.  OR to the left is Blog Archive you can click on any year and month and view that way.

More soon!

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