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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Potty Training Part 3

So it's official :-) Little Man is fully potty trained day and night whoooohooo!  We started him off at nap time without a diaper 3 weeks ago.  And then after no pee pee accidents overnight with a diaper we decided to try it 3 nights ago and absolutely no issues!  He wakes up before us generally and goes to the bathroom before we even wake up.  He's such a big boy now we can hardly believe it!

Stats: Potty Trained by 2 years 8 months (32 months) and Potty Trained Night and Day 2 years 10 months (34 months).  Pretty good I think as many of his schoolmates are still having issues or haven't even started!

Here is my post on Potty Training Part 2 and Potty Training Part 1


  1. Congrats. My boy is 36months old and only propre during the day. How did you manage to keep him dry at night? We put a diaper and it was always wet in the morning. We did make him go pee before sleeping.
    Just a week ago, he is tall enough to stand over the toilet bowl. No need to sit on the potty which ease our task a lot. Now just hoping he wakes up one morning with a dry diaper.....

  2. Sohcool

    I don't think there is anything we did specifically to get him to be trained at night. He did it on his own. But we do make sure he goes before bed and generally he does not fill up on liquids late in the evening. He has a toddler bed so he is able get out of bed on his own in the mornings and go to the bathroom. He does this before we wake up. He is still a bit too short to use our toilet standing. But others he is doing just fine and also at Bois de Boulogne last weekend (on a few trees ;-)