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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little Miss Update September/October

September/October - 11 months

So where we left off...

Little Miss had just started Halte de Garderie (which is a part time daycare - maximum at our school is 5 half days per week).  She goes 2 mornings a week.  After 2/3 weeks of slowly introducing her to the garderie she finally started to accept being there, taking naps and even having fun!   They learned pretty fast that playing music helped calm her down after I left (5 mins of crying...then out of sight out of mind ;-).  My sister will be happy to hear this as we both think she is musically inclined (we were amazed that at 10 months old she picked up my sons flute/recorder and started to play it!). 

It feels good to be able to have a bit of my own time.  I have since started to take a pilates class with 2 other neighborhood friends.  My friend organized private lessons as there weren't many studios nearby offering them with our restricted kid free times ;-).   It's actually not that much more than a regular class and there are only 3 of us so there is tons of one on one time.  I feel that its working.  But it would be much more beneficial if we did it 2x's per week.  We might add another day.

Little Miss' cold lasted a long time.  Even though she only had a runny nose it lasted more than 2 weeks.  Then she had a few weeks of relieve (and me too as I got her cold of course).  Then we got 2 colds in a row.  Both included a fever and I believe she was teething for the last one at the same time.  With her 1st set of MOLARS!  Yes this kiddo has 9 teeth already.  Little Man didn't have his first until just about this age (11/12 months). 

 BIG Birthday Post next ;-)

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