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Saturday, October 16, 2010

jardin du luxembourg

Paris Parks Update
 Jardin du Luxembourg is just one of the most wonderful parks here! There is a GREAT play area for kids of all ages....BUT get this they have to PAY. Not just the kids but the parents (each parent!!!!!!!!!!!). So we are going to forget about that until he is really into playing on Jungle Gyms. Right now he is content with playing in the sandbox with the other rug rats.

Only major problem I have with the park is that it is an old school French Park. Meaning they do not allow people to sit, walk or run on the grass. I shouldn't complain really I am glad they let us look at the grass ;-0 But as you can see in our photos...we sat on the grass (well...everyone else was! But after 30 mins the security came and told us that it was not allowed).

I think it is the largest park within the city limits (I might be wrong - as Jardin des Plantes is quite large as well - there are 2 huge Central Park type parks but they are just outside the city). I am really jealous of the peps that live on this side of the river (Rive Gauche - Left Bank)...the city planning was really for families and was thought out a bit more than Rive Droite (Right Bank).

BUT good news on the Rive Droite front Place des Vosges (our largest square) is getting a rehab of the Jungle Gyms! YES we are getting the new PARIS Jungle Gyms that all the other parks have!! Instead of the old wooden rickety thing they were using. So happy...but I don't understand why the French think its a good idea to close the play area in October instead of say December/January when the parks will be a ghost town?!? Any who in about 4 weeks...M will be enjoying a new slide!

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