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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

strikes strikes strikes

Day 8 of the Strikes (and 4,5,6 Protest Marches...lost count ;-). This strike is actually a bit different that the others...because this is an on going strike. In 1996 (I think is the year) the strikes lasted for 1 month!!!!! AND the biggest thing is that there were NO trains OR buses running at all! It may not be a major issue in your minds but here...where A LOT of people do not have cars and if you can believe it or not some don't even know how to is a big pain.

It's really not that bad right now though...

Yes I have had to walk or take alternative modes of transportation home a few times.

But ultimately It has not inconvenienced me or my husband at all. My MIL has had to drive instead of taking the RER from the suburbs into the city - but still no crazy traffic yet.

The Strikes are for the same reason as my last post. Retirement age is being increased from 60 years old to 62 and the unions are not happy (as well as the majority of the citizens).

In my pic you can see the beginning of the March...sorry I don't have a zoom on my phone. But it was the first march of the strikes - so it was big and loud!


  1. I was thinking about you this morning while listening to CNN about the story on the strikes. :-( Hey, it's pretty darn serious...Lady Gaga even canceled her tours there! Seriously, I heard about the gas shortages and the rioting so this must be painful and no fun. Keep us posted.

  2. CNN is making a big stink about it. Really its not bad. The gas issue might cause some problems but I read yesterday that the President ordered the blockade to be removed. So I think some gas was distributed. I saw someone filling up today so they are def not out.

    I did also read that Lady GaGa canceled ;-) I'm sure her fans would be the type to cause a riot haha!

    We will see how tomorrow goes we are planning on going to F's parents house by train so hopefully it's running somewhat normal tomorrow. Yesterday morning F's mom had some difficulties but it was 7am during rush hour so it's to be a bit expected - since everyone is trying to get into the city for work.

    But really don't worry about us we are perfectly safe.