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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a french new year's eve and new year's day...

We decided to stay at home and relax this year since M and I are heading to the US (before F he will join in a week) for 3 weeks!

We made a Swiss/French winter dish called Raclette.  Raclette is melting of a special kind of cheese onto assorted deli meats (fancy my mind at least), potatoes, small pickles (NOT sweet ones!) and usually pearl onions too.  In the old days they would melt and scrap off the cheese but now we use a Raclette machine and place the sliced cheese for a few mins and pour the melted cheese on the accompaniments.   It's DELISH!

 I have no clue what types of cheese I bought...I just know 3 different kinds and 200 grams of each (which was plenty for all 3 of us (including the bout chou) for dinner and lunch!  Being in France helps since I just asked the fromagerie what I needed.  He recommended a few and I took them all!

For the meats it was easier since I asked my belle-mere what I should get.  She recommended de la viande des grisons (this one is a type of cow I think...), jambon de bayonne (similar to prosciutto), rosette coupée finement (kind of like salami but better), saucisson à l'ail (garlic sausage), andouille de guéméné (it's pork but the sausage is pressed together hard to explain google it!), jambon blanc (white ham - or traditional sandwich ham).   I took 10 slices of each and we had plenty for the dinner and lunch as well as some still in our fridge!

As for the NYE shows on the TV...they were not live (this is what F said)...and no live shots of the Champs-Élysées or any fireworks (on the TV that is!).  Also the shows were far from spectacular.   They were mostly B or C actors/singers.  No Jay-Z and Beyonce singing with Dick Clark (or now should I say Ryan Seacrest).  Anyway enough of the boohooing...Bonne Année ~ Happy New Year!

For New Year's Day I made some Overnight French Toast...hmmmm...miam miam it was good!  We have some leftovers for tomorrow!

Later on we met up with F's parents and old friends of F's to go to Cirque d'hiver!  It was so magical and M had a great time seeing the Lions and Tigers.

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