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Thursday, January 13, 2011

new year's resolutions...

Usually I do not make new year's resolutions because it is so cliché...but what are they really?  GOALS and what is wrong with some new goals for the year?!?  NOTHING!

2011 Goals
  • Work on my jewelry making (try some new techniques and medias)
  • Lose weight/Exercise (which is on everyone's list haha!)
  • Read more
  • Study French more (not just classes but on my own and read in French also)
  • Speak more French at home with F
  • Walk more outdoors (the problem is that M is refusing to sit in his stroller AND to hold hands while walking!)
  • Write a Blog Post weekly
  • Be less frumpy...I have been in a style rut lately...well since M was born...and more so since we moved to Paris.  Yes in the Fashion Capital of the World I am the most unfashionable person in the city limits!
2011 Goals for M at home with me...I want to be able to give him the following:
  • engage M in meaningful/imaginative play
  • read more to M
  • expose M to beauty (art, music, nature)
  • progress M's language skills (and hopefully F and belle mere will do the same in French)

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