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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

did you know...

did you know...that Parisians are on vacation most of July and August?  August especially...they close up their shops and head out of the city.  Yes the Boulangerie, Pharmacie, Boucherie, Vegetable/Fruit Store, Flower Shops, Cafes all closed for 2-3 weeks straight!  

They didn't really give us and option on when to take our vacation.  Since everything is closed you kinda have to just leave too!  Especially if you want breakfast, meat and veggies! 

Yesterday was the first REAL day that most (BUT NOT ALL) of the shop owners were back...and I got the below present from my wonderful husband!  He said he has been trying to buy me something from a flower shop for 2 weeks now...every shop was closed that he went to!

So keep in this in mind...if you want to come in August it is going to be a ghost town.  Not alive and bustling like it normally is ;-)

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