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Monday, August 23, 2010

painting fiasco

We had wallpaper in our living room that we could not live with any longer.

Since we plan to fully remodel the living room at another time (after the new year) we decided to just paint over the wallpaper instead of spending the time to take it down.

We painted 2 coats of primer because it was textured wallpaper.  We picked out a yellow color that we thought was similar to the yellow we had in our Florida Home.  It was not...before we took the time and tested multiple colors before painting all of the walls.  Well here we just chose a color in the store - BTW the paint is premixed here and ready to go...OR you can also have it mixed. 

So we chose a yellow and didn't test samples and we didn't stop at painting at the first wall.  Never Never Never pick a color from a brochure and always stop at the first wall.  After we finished the first coat of yellow on ALL of the walls we decided we did not like.  The YELLOW pictured here is not a good was soooooooooooooooo bright and we could not even turn on the light or we would be blinded ;-)

We had to paint the walls white before we could paint our new color (which was 2 more coats).  Then we chose a beige/green.  This paint was the exact same paint as the yellow but for some reason it was runnier so we had to do 2 coats.

YES a total of 7 coats of paint.  It was really exhausting 3 days!

I will post more photos after we have hung up our paintings/decor...

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