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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

french lessons

So I started my first French Lesson with my new in house French Professor!

It was great we went over a review on grammar, conversations at daycare and conversations when meeting new people.

She encouraged me to speak at the daycare and supplied me with some basic phrases to ask how M's day was.  I tried it out when I picked up M and it worked.  I said "Vous allez bien?" to the director and she looked so happy that I asked how she was doing!  She stumbled on her words to ask me how I was ;-)

And I ask "Il a ete sage avec les autres enfants?" (was he well-behaved with the other children?) and she explained that he is and always is ;-).

I was also able to explain that I have decided to change my French classes to in house and it is one on one and mostly conversation.  She agreed that it was a better idea and easier on us for the traveling etc...

Can't wait till I can speak easily and confidently!

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