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Sunday, March 13, 2011

what music is popular in france right now?

Do you love old French music like Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel or Serge Gainsbroug?  Are you craving some more modern French music?  Below are some current French favorites.  Even though they not all are necessarily French these are some of the most popular singers/bands enjoyed by The French today.

French Singers/Bands:

Nico Teen LoveBb Brunes - Rock/Indie Rock
Camelia JordanaCamelia Jordana - Pop
Ben L'Oncle SoulBen L'Oncle Soul - Pop/Reggae
Coeur De PirateCoeur de Pirate - Indie Rock
Help Myself (Nous Ne Faisons Que PaGaetan Roussel - Rock
On Trace La RouteChristophe Mae - Pop/Rock
Sur Mes GardesJoyce Jonathan - Pop/Rock
ZazZaz - Pop/Rock
Lily Wood and The Prick (French but sing in English) - Indie Rock
Wolfgang Amadeus PhoenixPhoenix (French but sing in English) - Indie Rock
Mister Mystere (Bonus Dvd) (Pal0)M - Matthieu Chedid - Rock
One Love (Deluxe Version)David Guetta - Techno
CheeseStromae - Rap/HipHop
Métisse(s)Yannick Noah - Pop
La Femme ChocolatOlivia Ruiz - Pop/Indie Rock

Non French Singers/Bands:
The ResistanceMuse - Rock (UK)
101Keren Ann - Pop/Indie Rock (Israel)
JoyfulAyo - Pop/Indie Rock/Reggae (German)
The King Of LimbsRadiohead - Indie Rock (UK)
Down The WayAngus and Julia Stone - Indie Rock (Australia)
The Boy Who Knew Too MuchMika - Pop/Rock (UK)
Before NightfallRobert Francis - Rock/Indie Rock (USA)
21Adele - Pop/Rock (UK)

Enjoy the new French music!

You can download all MP3's off of directly by clicking the CD cover and in most cases listen to a part of the songs on their website.

Not included in this article are the Top 40 in The United States i.e. Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry as they are also popular in France


  1. Thanks for these suggestions! I only know one of the French artists--I really have no idea of what's going on in France these days.

  2. Sarah who is the band you knew? M? He is a fav in this fun! + a new album