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Friday, March 11, 2011

teaching aids for small toddlers

When we were in the US I picked up a few teaching aids...since I am the only English Speaker in the household and I want to make sure M would learn adequately.   I found that there wasn't much to offer little!  Below is the Brain Quest series I bought...they didn't have much to offer for 2 year olds...but I am very excited for him to get older as they are GREAT!  M really enjoys using these...I can usually get about 20 mins of focus.  Right now (20 months) he is answering about 20% of the time.  I am not sure if he is acquiring more words or not.  But it's a start!

Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: Numbers My First Brain Quest

I also saw the KUMON series which sounded just as great but they didn't have anything for 2 year olds that was language related...more activities and that's really what I was looking for.  But it might be good for others!

My First Book Of Tracing (Kumon Workbooks)
Let's Fold! (Kumon First Steps Workbooks)Let's Color! (Kumon First Step Workbooks)Let's Cut Paper! (Kumon First Steps Workbooks)Let's Sticker & Paste! (Kumon First Steps Workbooks)My Book of Easy Mazes (Kumon Workbooks)My Book of Coloring (Kumon Workbooks)

What have you used?  Any recommendations or ideas to encourage language skills?

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  1. I really like the "Brain Quest" materials (as well as some of the other brands). They make good ones for older kids, too, on more specialized topics, like the 50 States, history, etc.

    I have a couple of question card booklets like those in French, and to my surprise Griffin loves them! And I learn new words from them too.

    A few other toddler/preschool-friendly websites with printables as well as on-line activities are listed in the sidebar of my blog. Some of the French sites could also be done in English, too.