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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 day easter weekend!

In France the Monday after Easter is a holiday (called Easter Monday) and F had off of work!

We had an action & fun-filled packed weekend:

Saturday ~ we enjoyed Jardin d'acclimatation which is a sort of theme park for children.  It is located in Bois de Bologne (which is the other Central Park type park just outside of Paris - located in Neuilly-sur-Seine which is a very nice and expensive suburb of Paris.  It is only 3 euros to enter (M was free - children under 3 are free).  They have amusement rides, animals, train that goes through parts of Bois de Bologne, water park, lots of jungle gyms for all ages, pony rides, baby gym (Gymboree), a Korean Garden and a Puppet Theater where the famous Guignol & Company perform.

We met some friends at Jardin d'acclimatation for a picnic and exploration of the amusement park.  I believe it was their first time there also.  Their 5 year old had a great time.  

We are so lucky to live near metro lines that go directly to Bois de Bologne and Bois de Vincennes (largest parks in Paris).

Sunday ~ was Easter of course.  I had dyed some eggs for M so we could have an American style Easter Egg Hunt.  It turns out it is also a tradition here in France (normally with chocolate) but F's parents got into it and also decorated their own "brown" eggs ;-)  (we were lucky to find some white eggs).  F said after the hunt that his parents never painted or decorated eggs for him as a child (just hid chocolate eggs).  But grandchildren are different aren't they ;-)?!?

Here are some pictures from the hunt...M did so great and he understood immediately what to do. We kept telling him that the eggs were hidden (caché) and he should search for them (cherche!). He was walking around with his basket saying caché and cherche! very cute ;-)

M also received his first tricycle on Sunday.  He couldn't figure out how to use the pedals or how to steer...but he had a good time with his Papa pushing him around the garden and at the park.  We decided to get him the tricycle before his birthday since we are having exceptionally warm weather so early in Spring.   And to prepare him for a fun-filled summer of biking around while on vacation.

Monday ~ was a day of relaxation for all and golf for F.  He enjoyed a long awaited break and 9 holes of golf.  He came back relaxed and happy.  This 3 day weekend was just a taste of relaxation so our countdown for our June and August vacations have officially begun! 

What did you all do for Easter weekend?  We hope you had as much fun and made new memories like we did!


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  1. Your pictures and posts always kind of make me want to move to Europe :)
    Steve and I talk about moving to Wales someday... we'd be kind of neighbors if we did! lol

    I love the idea of using the metro and walking places.... less cars and that frantic energy. But that's not the topic lol...

    M is so cute with the eggs :) And his new trycicle is adorable!

    Our Easter was a bit crazy as one by one the week before everyone but LA succumbed to the stomach flu. So mom, Mark and Nana were all sick. So after sunrise service in the park (which I love, so peaceful) I retrieved the food and did our first Easter over here for Steve, Clinton, LA and Brad. It was nice... a bit different than planned but nice.