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Thursday, April 21, 2011

potty training part 1...

So after M's 12 month (really 13 month - July) check up with a French Pediatrician...he told us we should start potty training.  The doc explained that the whole 2-3 years old idea of Potty Training was a ploy by "Pampers" and "Huggies" and that babies in 3rd world countries are potty trained by the time they reach 18 months.  Mostly because of the cost of diapers and there is no reason why a French (well really dual American) baby could not do the same.  Doc said to try once a day at the beginning and then slowly increase.  We thought he was nuts but went ahead and bought a potty while in the Suburbs visiting family one weekend.

We decided to try it when he was about 14 months (September) after vacations.  It was hit or miss...just if he happened to need to go when we put him on there.  We did this for about 2 months (putting him on the potty either right when he woke up or after breakfast).  We never did increase it as he did not seem to "get it" and actually sometimes he refused to sit.

Then in November I had my accident and sprained both ankles leaving minor things like potty training to the wayside.  At that point we decided maybe it was good to give him a break and try again after our  3 week US vacation in January.  So February (19 months) we started again this time trying to use the M&M method (a friend suggested it).  He was NOT having it and mostly refused to even sit for more than  5 minutes. When I explained he would get a M&M as a reward he would only concentrate on the M&M and cried the entire time.  Positive Reinforcement really is not this kids strong suit ;-)

I know he is still under 2 years old and maybe he is just too young.  Since they do say boys take longer. 

So today (22 months tomorrow) we are trying again.  This time without a diaper!  When I was in the US I was sure to pick up some "Cars" underwear and plastic training pants.  I am so glad I got those "Cars" underpants because M is obsessed with the movie right now.  He has a Lighting McQueen Action Figure, The Book and The Movie.  It is all he talks about.  So when we put those undies on this am and explained it was not a diaper and he should not pee or kaka on McQueen.  Because he will not like that he has not so far.  Mind you I have been taking him to the potty every hour or so.  And no refusals and no accidents!

I am not sure if it is my consistency (it probably is that) or that he understands now. 

Grossness at your own risk ;-)

If you were wondering technically how it is going...When he woke up (7:30am) we put the training pants and underware on him.  After breakfast he did a #1 in the potty (8:30am).  Asked him at 9:30am if he needed to go again.  No accidents.  He did go pee a little bit and made a big #2.  I will be asking him every we are nearing the next bathroom break in about 15 mins or so.  Wish me luck today!


  1. Dags is pretty much potty trained. Not sure if you knew but we started a little later than we wanted at about 13 months old. Books were very helpful with the approach/methodoloy. She has been pooping in a potty since shortly after we started, she still pees in her panties sometimes. She's more likely to pee herself if she's wearing a diaper, in the carseat, in her highchair or deeply distracted by the TV/iPhone. I'm toying with the idea of not bringing diapers for her on our trip to CO.

  2. Hi, This is interesting. My boy is 28months old and we just started on potty training a month ago. He did great only when he was butt naked. Once we put on his pants, he thought he was protected. Now he misses once or twice when he was watching his cartoons or busy playing. Still, he wears diapers when sleeping and going out. I'm not sure he can control for long. How is for you after so many months?