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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

friend's visit day one...

After a long flight from the US my friends actual were up to exploring the city a bit

We walked to BHV, Hotel de Ville, Notre Dame and Bastille

View of the BHV next to Hotel de Ville
Hotel de Ville - City Hall

Notre Dame Across the River

Notre Dame Front
Notre Dame Front View
Notre Dame Interior Rose Window
Notre Dame Stained Glass
Notre Dame
Inside Notre Dame
Bridge with Locks of Love


  1. I've never heard of locks of love, what is that?

  2. O I just named it that...let me google you go!

    People do it all over the world I guess!

    Paris has not taken down all of the locks as you can see. I saw some dated since 2006!

  3. Seeing this makes me miss Paris! I hope I can go back soon!