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Sunday, February 13, 2011

a change in the french lessons...

I have been done with Alliance Francaise since Christmas break and man has it been the best break ever 8 weeks and counting!

But it's time to start up my French Lessons again :-( boooooo....

I have decided that I do not want to go back to AF for a few reasons:

1. The distance.  We live in the 3eme which is on the other side of the river from AF(located in the 6eme).  It takes me 1 hour to get there by bus.  Well not really but I leave 1 hour early so I am on time and so I can relax for 15 mins before a 3 hour class.  And then another 45 mins to get home (because of traffic at 4:30).   So that is just over 5 hours in just commuting per week.  

2.  The Schedule of Classes.  I don't like having classes 3 days a week.  3 days a week would be ok if it were Monday, Wednesday and Friday but it is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  The Monday's and Tuesday's are stressful since I have to hurry up and get all of my homework done.  I feel rushed.  I would rather 2 days a week but that is not offered (for regular language classes).

3. The time away from home. 5 hours commuting + 9 hours of class = 14 hours total spent away from home. 

4. The lack of talking time.  I just need more time speaking and I feel that after homework review, review of the old lesson, the break and the new lesson there isn't much time left for speaking.  And that is what I need at this point.

Even though I had a wonderful teacher at AF I am gonna have to say goodbye!  I may end up back there at some point if my below plan does not work.

The plan.

to find a Private French Teacher to come to my home.  I have put out my feelers and I have asked everyone for recommendations.  The majority of the French Teachers are offering in home or outdoor meetings for around 40 euros and hour!   WOW!  I know...loads of money since Alliance Francaise was going for about 98 euros for 9 hours.  But this is one on one and the Teacher works at your pace not the pace of the average student in your class.  No rush to stay on the lesson plan. 

I am narrowing my search and weight all the prices and options.

I have found that some are not legitimate (and will not give an invoice if asked - we need this since we still have some company money paying for my classes!) some accept the CESU (cheque emploi service)
and some don't.  CESU is an employee and government social benefit for child services, language services even cleaning services.  We save taxes and I believe the company pays for a portion of it as well!  

I have narrowed it down and have 3 teachers who will provide valid invoices, accept the CESU and are 25 - 35 euros per hour (only if buying multiple sessions i.e. 10 lessons for 25 euros per hour).  2 of the teachers are unfortunately on vacation right now as it is vacances scholars (yes the kids are on a 2 week break AGAIN!).  One will return in one week from now and the other in  two weeks!  So I will wait as the 250 euros for 10 lessons is just too tempting to pass up!   

I am probably only going to do 2 lessons per week for a total of 3 - 4 hours per week.  I will also have to read, listen to TV/Music/Movies and do some Rosetta Stone.  But maybe the Teacher will also have some ideas for me as well.  

Any who that is what is going on here...more to come in approximately 2 weeks


  1. Bon courage with your new tutor!

    And the teacher in me concurs that the more you read (and encounter vocab and grammatical structures in a context that interests you), the faster you learn.

  2. Thanks Sarah!

    I have tried but I need someone on my back to make me finish the books. I mostly bought kids books but I still can't get through them haha! But since I will be the ONLY student now...I will still have to be the best right haha!