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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

getting out there...

So since I am not going to take "REAL" French Classes at a school anymore.  I need to meet people somehow...

I have joined a few Mommy Clubs here in Paris:

Message which is a Mommy Club for English Speakers in Paris.  They provide classes for mommy which is precisely that...groups online who meet up.  I have joined the only 3 Mommy/Family English Speaking Groups here in Paris - 2 of which I have had real meet ups with and they are GREAT!

If I was in the US there would be NO WAY would I join a club online to make friends...just the old traditional way but since I would like a few English speaking friends I had to.  Good news so far so good and no crazies!  I haven't met any long lasting friends yet but you never know who you will click with.

Ideally I'd like to do one big meet up/activity a week and then also a few times a week go to a local Park with M and see who we meet.  

Also I'd like to meet some French friends as well...I am thinking about joining the local community center for some Mommy and Me classes with M.

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