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Monday, February 7, 2011

florida vacay review

It was weird going home for the first time after living overseas for 7 months. Everyone's lives seemed to be exactly the same. Nothing had really changed without us.  I guess not a lot of time has gone by.  We had a great time with friends/family and rediscovering our favorite spots.  As well as finding new family friendly things to do in the area.  We went to a few Children's Museum's, The Zoo, Parks and tons of Beaches.

M really enjoyed the beach.  Even though it was too cold to swim.  He liked running away from the waves as they reached his toes (it was FREEZING!).  He also loved the sand and being able to run free without anyone saying no ;-)  The beach is the place to be for a toddler tons of open spaces.  We visited Ft. Desoto and Anna Maria Island (where we were married almost 3 years ago).  They are both pretty relaxing/mellow beaches and even so on the weekdays.  It was great to soak in some sun and relax from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

Next year I think we will come more in the season March/April when it is warm enough to swim.  Plus there are tons of festivals in March/April and May in Tampa/St. Petersburg Area.

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