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Friday, February 4, 2011

what to do in paris with a toddler (under 3) the winter!

It's so hard to find things to do with a young toddler in the Winter let alone in a new city. Many programs are for 3 years +. I will also put together an outdoor list as soon as it warms up here ;-)

Aquariums- My son is 19 months and enjoys seeing fish the Aquarium
Cine Aqua- is fairly expensive but when M is older they have tons of fun things for older children (movies, art projects, sting ray touch pool, puppet theater - M was a bit scared of this)
Palais de la Porte Doree - We have not visited this one yet

Indoor Parks/Children's Museum
Cite des Enfants - M is a bit too young but first thing after his 2nd birthday we will be sure to participate!
La Maison des Enfants - We have not tried this yet but would like to

Child Friendly Cafes with Play Areas - there are a few others in Paris but not close to my home...I think I found 2 or 3 in the 18eme...and more in the 16eme or 7eme
Le Poussette Cafe - they also offer Ateliers (workshops)

Mum & Babe- This is also a spa and salon with a child center - the price is included in your service!
RRose Selavy Ateliers d'Arts
- 2+ years old. M is a bit too young they also have courses for adults as well!
Le Poussette Cafe - they also offer Ateliers (workshops)
Les Minots - We have not attended yet because they offer 2+ but they emailed me and said they are working on classes for 18 months+!!!

Natural History Museum- M loves to see the stuffed animals! They also have a special Children's Museum but it is for 6-12 year olds.
Musee National du Moyene Age - Workshops for baby and parents
Musee en Herbe - 2 1/2 years +
Centre Pompidou - 2 years +

American Library - Mother Goose Hour in English!
La Maison des Contes

Centre Loisirs- Good thing to check in your own arrondissements Centre Loisirs via La Mairie's webiste for Baby Gyms, Bebe Nager (swim classes) etc...
Centre d'Animation Pole Simon Lefranc - 18 month +, 3 - 10 years, 10-15 years and Adult Ateliers (Workshops)
Centre Loisirs 10eme - Baby Gym, Baby Climbing


  1. Oh, your list makes me want to visit Paris with my three-year-old, even in the winter!

  2. Thanks!

    This is mostly for me so when we are bored at home I can pull up the list and go do something! It has actually gotten warmer lately. Warm enough to go to parks and play! I'd say it's about 50 degrees or so. Still cloudy and gray tho! Spring can't get here soon enough