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Thursday, September 30, 2010

and so the construction begins...

This week we have re-started our construction on the apartment...

It's been a bit stressful since F is on a business trip and M was sick this week. But we are almost to the end of the week and F will be home tomorrow!

The electricians are laying the power lines for the rest of the apartment (except for the kitchen - that will be last). And they will be installing our radiators (next week...freezing in here...can't wait!). The floors are dusty with plaster debris...I just can't stand it but no use in really scrubbing since they are not finished (but I will hit it hard tomorrow - so we can enjoy clean floors for the weekend).

Then Monday the contractors will begin work on our smallest bedroom (which will be M's new bedroom when it is complete). Hopefully the construction will only take a few weeks - up to 3 weeks. M's room will become our temporary room. And we will use our large master bedroom as the living room until we are ready to do the next phase of construction.

It is hard to have M here when the electrician is in and out of rooms. Lucky M's room is complete and we can chill in there.

It is also COLD here and RAINY (today - yesterday was a pretty good day - We went to the Zoo).

Other than that I am in class 3 days a week/3 hours a day (plus the commute - so total 5 hours away 3 days a week...very tiresome). But I have met a few nice people...who don't speak English (well I don't think they do - since they are from Spanish/Arabic speaking countries). So French is what we have in common...even though my French is not very good and I ask them to repeat themselves A LOT somehow we understand each other ;-) My Professor is an older man (maybe 60's) he is very sarcastic and funny. He makes the class and learning fun. I feel more confident as I am understanding almost everything that is going on. But I really hate grammar still...haha!

until next time....

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  1. Tanya, I just wanted to say how really well you are doing with all of this change in your life (as well as M's and Fred's!) I'm so proud of you...