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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

did you know...

did you know....

That French Milk and Eggs are not REFRIGERATED?!?

There is "frais" (fresh) milk meaning it requires alert when buying (well in person it is a no brainer...the fresh milk will be in the refrigerated section of the store)...but I buy my normal grocery items online and I bought 10 liters of "FRAIS" Milk by accident. Oopsss...but no problem since M goes through milk fast!

The non-refrigerated milk is ultra-pasteurized and sealed into special containers either plastic or box. It is really convenient with a baby/toddler since when we are on the go we can just take a 50ml bottle and hit the road.

With the eggs...there is NO difference! US eggs can be left out of the fridge also. I read that refrigerating them only extends the shelf live for 1 week. And the French, British and many other countries do it and don't get sick. I was always taught the eggs have to go in the fridge to avoid them going bad. Guess that is wrong! Also supposedly if you leave them out the molecules breakdown and bring out more flavor in the eggs. But be careful they could get really it depends on your taste.

These 2 did you knows....are prb new to everyone in the US huh?!? I never knew until I lived here (i.e. meaning I did not notice when I was a tourist or even in my in-laws home).

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  1. Thanks for the info TN. I work with a couple of organic farmers and they recently said that to me after I purchased some eggs from them (me worrying that I would have to keep them at my desk until the end of the day). I was always taught eggs had to be refrigerated too...see, we are always learning! Interesting about the milk though, but super convenient for having a baby and traveling about. Thanks for your info posts, I love reading them.