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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

did you know...

did you know...

That there are strikes today with all the labor unions. Trains/Metros/Buses (which I like...because there is less noise on my street btw!) and other unions are striking today to protest the retirement age being increased from 60 years old to 62 years old. The trains/metros and buses are still operating but at 30% or so.

This is actually the 2 time in 2.5 months that there has been a Metro strike while I have been here.

On one hand it is annoying for every one...but on the other hand I see their point. Especially for those who are 59 years old right now. Can you imagine you have been working your required 40 years and you are up for retirement this year...and boom they change it for another 2 more years (there prb is some kind of exclusion for these people...but even if you were 5 years from retirement and then after this law passes it is 7 years...what a bummer!).

Anywho that is what is going on France today...oh and it is cold and cloudy today (yesterday and prb the rest of the week boooo!). Looks like fall is nipping at our toes...better put some socks on ;-)

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  1. Update...btw yes there were less buses...but there was also a March/Protest and that meant it was to Bastille (which is just about 5 mins walking for us). So the main BLVD was used for the March and our street was packed with the cars that could not drive on the BLVD. Not a relaxing day as I had wished. The walk to the Park was not fun. Since no one was obeying the traffic lights...crossing the street was scary!

    Another Protest/March/Strikes are planned for Sept 23rd which is a day I have French Classes on the other side of town. I take the bus so that day it will be crazy...I might just walk!