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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

french classes

I have started my French Classes...

Friday I went to the Alliance Francaise (a French Language School that teaches French to students all over the world) register and take my placement test. I think AF's placement test is pretty hard btw. You have 30 mins but it could easily take 2 hours. I am not quick on my feet nor am I good at reading and comprehending in French yet. Which is the majority part of their test.

I tested somewhere in between A2 (advanced beginner/or beginning intermediate) and B1 (intermediate) and my counselor let me choose which level I would like to take. I decided to take the harder/intermediate level. Well after 2 days I feel that I need to go down 1 level and do a review. It has been 2 years since I have taken a formal French Course.

I can understand almost everything someone says to me (i.e. when F's parents speak to me, when shopping, when I was at all of my immigration appointments, at M's doctor's appointments)...BUT being able to speak easily/freely is the most important thing to me! I need to be able to express myself in French and to conjugate my verbs properly.

I am also soooooo shy in French...

Living here has shown me that I have a shy side...I find myself sticking to what I know (i.e. not trying new things). This is NOT the French Gov't wants. So taking these classes allows me to break out of my shell a bit while learning the language.

I'll keep writing on my progress...but right now I feel disappointed and discouraged. I can's just how a 5 year old would speak haha! But I'm sure just one day the light will turn on ;-)

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  1. I found out today that I was in B1 - 2...I guess B1 level is broken into 4 sections and then into 4 weeks. So I was almost into the middle of B1. So I am going down to B1 - 1. So I am still in intermediate level. I am not sure why I was placed into this level I guess I didn't understand when she gave me the choice. The B1 - 1 is full next week so I am going to take a workshop in Grammar review to fill in next week. Hopefully after this + B1 - 1 I will be on track!