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Monday, September 6, 2010

bois de vincennes cont...

We went back to Bois de Vincennes for a picnic and playtime in the park for M.

It was also our (M & I's) first ride on the metro alone with the stroller.  We only rode our line all the way to the park (no changes).  There weren't too many stairs to take (and yes that means there is NO ELEVATOR).

I just carried him down/up in his stroller bags and all!

The metro agents let me go through the handicapped access (after swiping my ticket through the normal ticket thingy).  I would have fit through both of these metro entrances/exits (some though are so small I would like a weight challenged person would have trouble - to be politically correct ;-)

Anywho...we had no troubles at all.  But it was 11:30am and 2:30pm and the metro was dead (also it was August = Vacances for most Parisians).  But I am confident I can maneuver just fine if needed.

F met us for lunch in the park.  As you can see M loved the cheese!
BTW playground is awesome...for older kids.  They had about 3 or 4 play areas for the different ages.  Pics are just from the little ones area...

I think they might have had a zip line too!  I could see it over the hedges but it started to rain...I will verify and take more pics next visit.

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