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Monday, July 19, 2010

all moved in!

Imagine every room of your house filled with boxes...that was our place on Monday, July 12th!

We could not move it was so bad :-)

136 boxes/items is a lot to fit into an apartment that is approximately 800 sq ft.

The move went smoothly. The moving company brought up our boxes through the WINDOW! Yep...I think F might have taken a photo of the lift they used. I will post it soon. The boxes were coming in so fast that it was hard to direct where to put the boxes. But we managed and everything got to the right spot.

The first few days were pretty hectic luckily M's Mamie was able to come early on moving day and the day after. F had to work the next day but Wednesday was Bastille Day and he was off to help unpack more boxes. By the weekend we were pretty much all unpacked.

Attached are the remaining boxes in our apartment. Mostly electronics and computer stuff F has to sort and organize. There are more boxes in the Cave and in our bonus room (separate room above the apt).

We still have to organize the items we have unpacked and decorate. I will post more photos as soon as we are all settled in.

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