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Friday, July 23, 2010

did you know...

Did you know that in France you have so many different markets to buy your food from? You can't or shouldn't get everything from the grocery store like in the US. The bread for one is not very good in the grocery stores (supermarkets) nor are the fruit/vegetables/meats very fresh.

Going to so many different stores is pretty much impossible without a car or an elevator. So like I mentioned in my other post we are going to have our groceries delivered to us (milk, yogurt, cleaning products, water etc...) and the rest veggies/fruits and meats we are either going to go to Le Marché or to La Boucherie.

We make our own bread with our bread machine. Thank goodness it works here (we have a transformer in the kitchen). It is tiresome to have to go to La Boulangerie every day! But on Saturdays we like to pick up some fresh croissants or a special pastry for dessert ;-)

Below are SOME examples of the different shops (there are so many more SPECIALTY shops that I haven't even discovered yet!):

la fromagerie ~ cheese store

l'épicerie ~ convenient store (with fresh fruit/vegetables)
le marché ~  outdoor market

le supermarché ~ supermarket (grocery store)
la boulangerie ~  bakery

la boucherie ~ butcher shop
la charcuterie ~  pork butcher
la poissonnerie ~ fish store
la pâtisserie ~ pastry shop

1 comment:

  1. Just the cheese shop alone would cause me to die of happiness!

    That was my favorite part of Paris... going into the bakeries and pastry shops and just picking out different things to try :)