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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ordering food online!

So F and I have been researching the delivery (Livaraison) services for supermarkets. It is very difficult "in" Paris to get all of your groceries home and up the stairs (without an elevator). Unless you want to go every other day to a dinky grocery store. I wouldn't even say they are grocery stores more like convenient stores. Franprix and G20 are the ones near me and they are not very nice or have quality food. There is a Monoprix within 5 mins walking but Monoprix is quite expensive compared to Carrefour/Achuan/Simply Market (including their online stores).

Here is a great site that compares all the leading online markets based on price, delivery prices, hours of delivery, number of products offered etc...

We are going to try Simply Market to start as they are by far the cheapest in a price comparison. Monoprix was almost 20 euros more!

I will keep you updated...

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