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Thursday, July 1, 2010

i need some hobbies...

Well when things settle down here I do. I think after we move into our apartment and are all unpacked I am going to try out sewing, making jewelry, baking and cooking. Stay tuned as I learn these skills (and maybe more!). I am going to check out a craft/art store today Rougier et Plé. It is just up the road from our apartment (our apartment not the temporary).

After we walk around the craft/art store we are going to pop in and see the apartment and then maybe play at a local square - Square Léopold-Achille on 5 Rue du Parc Royal. One of the city's websites says it has a playground for children. Let's see if it is good for little ones. Nothing will beat the one we found near Canal Saint-Martin in the 10eme.

Have a good day I will post some pics (of the apartment, park and store) once I get back from our walk.


  1. howabout scrapbooking?? can get expensive though, believe it or not!


  2. what artsy project are you thinking of doing? what are you thinking about sewing? When Nick was M's size, I used to put him in this "walker" (not sure they have those anymore?) but they must have something you can put M in, where he can sit and watch you...then I put on (this is going to date me) a Jane Fonda workout video and I'd do it! It was always very entertaining for Nicholas to sit and watch me jump around. LOL. Seriously, I'm not kidding! ha. Well, it was the only way I could figure out how to fit in some exercise. Just a suggestion. I also went through a sewing phase and made him some things...even a coat once! Impressed? I still have it for him. ha. Good luck with all your endeavors! I'll keep reading here how you're doing.

  3. How about making alot of $$$ and giving it to your dad so he can
    How is my boy today?

  4. I tried scrap-booking and yes it is expensive. I do have a lot of stuff still and I am in the middle of making M a few things.

    Linda, I need to make some curtains when things get settled down and we are moved in and organized. But I would like to try out some jewelry making (more of the wire jewelry than the beading). Other sewing projects like I need a good diaper bag and Grocery Bag (kinda like the reusable bags you get at the grocery store but cuter!). We use them a lot here since we dont have a car. I have one that is getting a hole in it. So I decided instead of buying one I think I'd like to make one with a fun pattern.