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Monday, July 5, 2010


F's dad has been working tirelessly for 2 weeks now sanding the floors of the bedroom and hallway.

Here are a few pics of his progress. Next step is staining and waxing them which will take place this week. This will complete the bedroom.

I have more photos to post of the completed bedroom once we get some good shots with our wide angle lens (sorry can't do it till this weekend)...stay tuned!

Pic # 1 is his first attempt and Pic # 2 is when it is completed (darker flooring is the bedroom next door to compare sanded vs. unsanded.


  1. wow! impressive. I need to learn how to do that, I have some real wood floors that need a facelift! Very nice...

  2. F's dad just has a small hand electric sander. He did a rough sand then a fine sand and now it is ready for staining then waxing. It was hard work but I think you could do it by yourself! If you want I can get a pic of the sander he is using and then the other tools he uses to polish the floors.

  3. hey, just looked at all the's fun to watch your progress. Wow, lots of work for sure. What color did you paint? It looks so nice! What an adventure you are living girl! Its great you're taking so many pics because it's a fun story to share with all of us. I feel like part of it! Nice work and keep the pictures coming!

    PS thanks for the tips on the flooring...I should give that a go...