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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The contractors promised that they will be here tomorrow - Sunday. YES they are committing to work on SUNDAY! That is amazing for The French. Let's see if they keep their promises...

F's dad finished staining and buffing the floors today. He still needs another coat of wax. But it looks 100% better already. I included one before pic (sanded and unsanded floor) foe comparison.


  1. beautiful floors! Wow, very nice! I like the stain color too. :)

  2. Responding here so you will see it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Regarding grocery delivery -- it is a lifesaver and I say that even though I don't have to push anyone in a stroller. Check out my other blog for the low down:

    You may find some other posts that are helpful to you.

  3. lookin good!!! ahhh can't wait to visit!!!!!