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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas this year was action packed since we had a newborn to tote around as well ;-)

We started a new tradition this year of making Christmas Cookies!
 It was fun Little Man had a blast.  The has had a lot of practice this year with playdoh so he knew just what to do with the cookie cutters ;-)

A mess but well worth it
They were not beautiful but yummy!
We then spent Christmas Eve Lunch at the Gparents followed by an evening of wrapping presents

Christmas PJ's is another tradition of ours
Little Man in his PJ's
Little Man leaving cookies and milk for the Big Guy
After all the wrapping done...and finally ready for bed
 I didn't get a wink of sleep...I was so worried I would miss Little Man's face when he saw all the presents under the tree.  I popped out of bed when I heard him waking up.  And got the camera ready.  Too bad it was still dark and Little Man was too fast opening the gifts they turned out too blurry.

Admiring all the gifts
Look Santa came and ate all the cookies!

Little Miss's first Baby Doll
One of Little Miss's gifts an adorable spinning music box

Here is another Christmas tradition making Overnight French Toast Yummy!

Afterwards we went to F's Aunts house for Christmas was a long 2 days but fulfilled!

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