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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

January in Florida 2012!

This is becoming a tradition or we are just becoming Snow Birds ;-)  Either way I am loving the breaks from the cold to enjoy Sunny Florida!!

Unfortunately my dad moved away from Florida recently (our last relative in this GREAT State).  But no worries we already have Florida plans for March 2013 as my sister is getting hitched there!

One thing is for sure Florida will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We have many GREAT friends who still live there.  Most who are life long friends so no worries we will make many trips to visit you all well only from November - May that is ;-)...we will NOT subject ourselves willingly to another Florida Summer haha! 

Big Boy dad taught him a lot on this trip!

Little Miss Turned 3 months while on our trip!

First Steps in The Gulf

Where it all began...the spot of our Wedding ;-) and the house we rented for the Fete

Reenactment Photo - Husband would like to remain out of the blog...hence this is the set up shot not actual photo ;-)  but it turned out great

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