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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Miss Update Feb - May (Present)

This is my attempt on updating everyone on Little Miss.  Sorry there are so many months to catch up on but this way you can see her grow in 5 mins ;-).  I will try to list all of her accomplishments as there were many!

February - 4 months mid month

Let's see...Little Miss was consistently holding her head up.  Waking up only once per night around 5am (9 hours).  We slowly got that down to 6am (10 hours) and then 7am + (11-12 hours) within the month!  She was still exclusively nursing.  Weight and Height 50 - 75 percentile (so not a porker like Little Man was at a whopping 97%!).

She started to roll at 3 months while in Florida.  So we decided it was time to start sleep training.  We decided to do this because she was sucking on her hands/thumb, could roll (she preferred to sleep on her belly) and she was pretty much on a consistent sleep schedule/pattern.  With Little Man we waited too long (9 months) and it was difficult.  But for Little Miss it was a breeze she barely cried (2 mins max) and was out like a light!  Even to this day (7 months old she goes out fairly easily when she is tired without any rocking, soothing etc...It's ideal when you have a crazy toddler running around the house as well ;-)

Basically she was smiling, laughing, playing (a little tiny bit), eating (a lot) and sleeping (a lot)!

4 month photo

March - 5 months mid month

Not the best pics (except for the 5 month photo love this one!) but it shows her HUGE progression this month SITTING!  YES just shy of 5 months she started to sit by holding her self upright with her hands.  She fell a lot but this was the beginning and now of course she is a pro and rarely falls (7 months).   

April - 6 months mid month

She started to eat solids at 6 months (recommendation here in France...and we didn't start with Little Man till 6 months as well).  She was slow to start but caught on pretty quickly.  I made a mistake by giving her too many me don't do this!  It's hard because there aren't that many fruits yet.  France really stays in season so it's hard to find too much she can eat (strawberries are not recommended until 1 years old here as well as citrus and kiwi's).  She had a sore belly for a day or so.  It was very upsetting.  But I will not make that mistake again!

She also stopped nursing.  I had trouble keeping up once she started sleeping through the nights :-(.  But glad I could do it with her as well and this time longer!

I have started to do "Photo Shoots'' with the kids monthly (some together some separate).  She is really changing fast and is getting so BEAUTIFUL (I think but I'm impartial haha!).

Sitting was easier and easier for her this month.  She was able to play more and is very interested in her big bro!  She just lights up when she sees or hears him.

She also cut her first and second tooth this month!  Ahhh...Little Man was 11 months old and really I missed out on the sleepless nights for him (because he was older and it didn't really bother him).  I was not hopeful we would be so fortunate...but so far so good.  She hasn't cut anymore since these first 2 but she was drooling quite a bit last week so I think another one is fast approaching! 

May - 7 months mid month

Finally Spring is ''starting'' to show up!  The weather is very schizophrenic to be honest...rainy, cool (not cold...40-50 highs), cloudy/gloomy then all of a sudden sunny and cool (high 60's high) and then rainy/cold again.  It is more common for weather like this in March not May.  But you take what you can get.  France is not known for it's wonderful weather.  But everybody here is desperate for the official Spring to start!

Little Miss started to Crawl!  YES 1 week shy of 7 months (Little Man was around 8.5 months when he started to do the army scoot and 9 months when he actually crawled).  She is now 7 months 1 week and she is really crawling on hands and knees (sometimes slips to her belly when she gets tired).  But I think I can officially say she is crawling!   I am assuming she will walk early (Little Man was 13 months when he took his first I'm thinking she will be 10 or 11 months walking!).  I am looking forward to it.  I really don't like the crawling phase...they get so dirty.  And I try to keep a clean house haha!  But one was not meant to crawl where people walk with dirty shoes etc...She is enjoying discovering cables and other objects she is not allowed to touch.  And consistently tries to get at them.  Her Papa has some work to do this weekend (since we were away last weekend).

Sitting is a breeze for her now.  She is not sitting up by herself yet but I expect it to occur soon. 

Here are some pics of Little Miss in the Sunshine and some of us in Normandy (it was cold and rainy...but I'm sure in sunny weather without an infant (who can't be cold or wet) it's a wonderful place ;-)

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  1. She IS beautiful! What a big girl! Can't believe how fast she's grown!!
    Love the pic with the bowl on her face!