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Monday, May 7, 2012

Cité des Enfants

Little Man and I went to Cité des Enfants with some friends. It is a hands on museum designed for 2-7 year olds (and there is also a separate one for 7 - 14 year olds as well). We have been to a few hands on museums in our home town in Florida. At first I thought this was similar to the new one we have in Tampa Glazer Children's Museum BUT after revisiting it this past January with a now 2.5 year old vs. an 18 month year old I see the Parisian one is so much better!   Below are some pictures from my Cell Phone...I was not able to capture all of it since I was alone with him and didn't want to risk him bolting ;-)  The areas were all designed by different themes: Discovering Myself, Working Together, Mazes, Experiments (with Water, Wind and Energy) and a few more that I can't seem to translate/interpret into English.  The only negative is that you are only allowed 1.5 hours to play for your admission.  But you are promised a set amount of people even on holidays and weekends (so that is a plus!).  I would recommend to order your tickets online (you can either print at home or print on a kiosk onsite).  Enjoy!

Mirrors to Capture your emotions
House of Mirrors he loved this!  And he ran into himself a few times it was hilarious
Little Construction Worker

Fastening his Seat Belt

Water Play!
Waiting his turn ;-)

Water Cannon


  1. This looks awesome!

  2. Hey, i'm glad to see little man enjoying himself. we are bringing our boys there soon I hope. I bought the tickets few weeks ago from hubby's CE. Do we have to call to reserve a slot?
    Will let you know if A1 rans into the mirrors. :)

  3. I would reserve a spot. you can do it online.

    it was really great they will adore it!