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Monday, May 28, 2012


I was wondering the other day if Little Man was at the same or a high level than other children his age.  He is working on puzzles higher than the suggested age but I was wondering if those ages are actually lower than those who can actually do them. 

At 2 years and 2 months (August) while on vacation we needed some toys to keep Little Man occupied.  He was tired with the few toys we brought with us.  So we bought a 36 piece (4+) puzzle.  We decided to choose a more advanced puzzle since the wooden ones (or those in the 2 year age group) were boring for him.  He needed some help at first.  But within one month he was putting it together by himself (September).  Amazing my cousin who was visiting. She in turn bought him another 36 piece 4-6 year old puzzle.  He actually picked this one up in no time.  I'd say the second or third time he was able to complete it without any assistance.  2 months later (December) we bought him a more challenging puzzle a 100 piece 5-8 year old puzzle!  We normally do this one together but he could do it by himself except for the sky which is hard for us haha!  My husband then (March) bought him 54 piece 5 year + puzzle (we wanted one he could do all on his is challenging even though it has less pieces). 

So what's the verdict are other almost 3 year olds doing around 60 pieces with no assistance or 100 pieces with little assistance?  The teacher at his part time daycare (In French Halte de Garderie) says this is not normal for a child his age.  We are encouraging this skill maybe he will become an architect or engineer ;-)

I have heard of these Frobel Gifts that were used by Frank Lloyd Wright...we might by them next go around.


  1. I don't know what is normal for ages from experience... but from what I do know it sounds advanced!! Good job M!!