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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ahhhh...the dreaded teething issue most babies go through alas we are right in the middle of it!  Poor Little Miss is pushing out 4 of her top front teeth at the same time :-( .  Little Man was 11 months when he got his first and rarely had many symptoms (normal drooling, slight fever and loose stool).  He was never irritable and never had sleepless nights.  But this poor baby is. 

It all began Friday night.  We had a play date in the park that afternoon and she was adored by an adorable but sick 2 year old boy.  He just wanted to touch her face ;-) .  That night she woke up at midnight and wouldn't go back to sleep.  We tried to see if coming in our bed would help but she just tossed all night.  No one got any sleep!  The next morning I figured it was due to her being hungry because i fed her a late snack and then she didn't want dinner (only a few ounces).  We went along with our day.  That night she ate her full dinner and still woke up at midnight screaming.  I tried everything to get her back down...she ended up having a bottle at 4 am and falling asleep on me.  I noticed a runny nose and assumed she had caught a cold from the little boy.  I also notice 2 white spots where her lateral incisors should be (the teeth next to the top front teeth - which should be the next ones to come in).  She was also drooling a lot.  I knew she was teething but the last 2 teeth did not bother her at all.  Sunday night was the same. 

Finally Monday I decided I would figure out was going on.  I was so confused maybe it's this or that...oh yes it's this oh maybe it's that!  But it all comes down to just teething!!!  I finally felt one of the teeth popping through and 2 more white spots meaning more teeth coming.  BTW a runny nose is a symptom of teething!  It's not one that you will find in those books but many MANY people say their children get them when teething.  One doctor told a mother it's true/possible even though there is no medical reason just happens (same for loose stools and fever!).  Weird how our bodies react to pain.

I am basically just trying to keep her comfortable.  Feeding her as much as she wants, giving her teething toys, holding her more, giving her some tylenol before bedtime, dressing her in a onesie and sleep sack (it has gotten warm here and in Paris and no one has A/C) and if she wakes up putting her in our bed (only if we can't get her back down but trying not to make this a habit).

Last night FINALLY it worked and she slept from 8pm - 5:45am (a little early for my taste but I AM NOT COMPLAINING!)

Maybe she slept because of the tooth pushing through, maybe it was all my efforts to make her more comfortable but I am for sure going to keep doing all of them ;-)

Her is my little brave girl smiling even though she is in pain :-(

Also, she is starting to pull herself up!  She got on her feet too but I was not quick enough :-0. My husband HAS to lower her mattress STAT


  1. Interesting on the nose running but doesn't shock me at all. I mean, when you get a bad sinus infection sometimes your teeth hurt, so I guess it would make sense the other way around. My kids both had a "special" bad breath when they were teething, ESPECIALLY with the molars. It wasn't like other bad breath, totally different smell and it would go away after the teeth came all the way in. Have you tried ibuprofen as well? For me, it works much better than acetaminophen.

  2. @Carly I need to get some. Actually my doc mentioned that he recommends ibuprofen now because the tylenol equiv does something I don't remember haha! We have a bottle so we were going to use that then get infant advil or whatever they have here. Prob is I have to go to the pharmacy for anything like this. They don't sell it anywhere else. Its a pain to be honest. But I'll try that if we have more troubles thanks!