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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Doljanchi" Korean Babies First Birthday

Here are a few pics from M's "Doljanchi".

M had 4 wardrobe changes by the way :-) (pre-hanbok, hanbok, birthday cake clothes, post-cake clothes)

The food...we had 2 tables of food (one with just meats and this one with everything else!)

Doljanchi is the Korean Celebration for a baby's 1st birthday. There is a fortune telling ceremony where you place certain objects in front of the baby and the first 2 items he chooses will be his future.

We chose to place a Baby Laptop (Technology), Pencil (Scholar/Intelligence), Red Yarn/String (Long Life), Money (Wealth) and a Baseball (Athletic) in front of M.

He touched the Red Yarn/String then picked up the Pencil and then picked up the Red Yarn/String. So he will be Intelligent and have a Long Life.
We are so glad we did this Korean Custom and we hope that M grows up appreciating this and not thinking he looks silly in his Hanbok. I particularly think he looks like a little Korean Prince!

The Cake (afterwards)...


  1. He looks like a baby philosopher! I love it!

  2. he looks awesome in his Hanbok! Definitely like the prince that he is!

  3. Hey, when he gets older and starts talking more, and if you're raising him bilingually, please drop by my blog and say hi!