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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

new to being a stay at home mommy...

I have been done with work for about 3 weeks but haven't really been a SAHM yet. These past 3 weeks have been spent preparing for our big move. M's has 2 days left at daycare and then I will be an official SAHM.

I am a little nervous about this not because I will be with little M non-stop for 12 hours a day but because I want to make sure he is staying on track with other children his age. With him being in daycare since he was 3 months old he has learned so much. They do so many activities with them everyday. And not to mention interacting with other babies/kids.

I have bought all the books, crafts, toys etc...but I am still clueless. I have found that most of the stuff they have out there are for children 2+. I guess at this age (11 months) it's all about playing and discovering new things.

My goal is to:
- Take a walk with M daily (and discover our district)
- Talk with M all day even when doing household chores
- Read to M daily
- Go to the park/zoo/aquarium/library etc... at least 2x's a week (when weather permits)
- Do a big art project with M weekly
- Have lunch with F weekly
- Take care of myself (keep up with my hair/makeup/exercise etc...)

If anyone has any tips or ideas let me know!


  1. -send photos and Matheo's art projects to auntie phay/ mel/ kim monthly!

  2. Woooow! I can't wait to hear how you do with your goals! In the park/zoo/aquarium category I would also add "playdate." Its hard to get good play time with other kids in public areas. Park is good, but even if you meet other mommies at the zoo the kiddos don't really get to interact much.

    Also I found a book called "The Busy Book" on Amazon (haven't bought it) but it has lots of cool stuff/projects for toddlers. I'll probably get a copy once we finish OUR big move :) Other than that everything I found was like early childhood education textbooks. :S

  3. first- whoa you've kept up with this blog fo sho! I have to catch up now

    second- you're plan sounds great! keep up with it!

    you will be getting tons of exercise just walking around with the stroller!