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Thursday, June 3, 2010

sippy cup struggle...

We have been trying to give M the sippy cup since the Pediatrician suggested it at the 4 month check up. However he has either chewed on it or thrown it on the floor while screaming.

Recently we have been giving him the sippy cup daily and he has been drinking it once everyday but only when he is really thirsty. Today he drank about 2 ounces this am (1/2 of what he normally drinks) and he replaced one bottle this afternoon with the sippy cup. But then for dinner he refused the sippy cup. I experienced his real first temper tantrum tonight. He went to bed without milk (just solids). I am hoping tomorrow morning he will take the sippy cup. I am trying to be consistent.

At daycare they do not allow babies in the 1 year old room to drink from bottles. Supposedly it is a state law. Even though M will not be in daycare for much longer (2 more days to be exact) I still want him to be bottle free in the next few months.

So my struggle continues...until tomorrow

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  1. try the Nubby cuz it is soft on top like a bottle, it's the first one we used...