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Monday, June 21, 2010

le weekend

Saturday was spent cleaning our new apartment. I have been doing this all last week (few hours a day) but I finished up the kitchen Saturday. F managed to clear out a lot of stuff in his Gpa's old workshop (small bedroom) and I made room in a buffet and another cabinet we are keeping in the dining room. We are trying to make room for the 146 boxes/items we have coming in a few weeks. While at the apartment noticed that the construction guys came Thursday and Friday! They were not showing up the last week and a half. They worked on updating our hot water heater (getting a larger one and moving it to the corner of our guest room). I guess they have not been working on the bathroom because they are waiting for the delivery of the tiles/toilet/sink. But they should be here soon...then the room will be transformed!

Sunday we decided to just relax and enjoy the city. We walked to Notre Dame (it only took 15 mins) and walked along the Seine River. Stopped for a café (espresso) and then finished the day checking out the boutiques in our district (3rd - Le Marais). We bought F a father's day gift (new leather messenger bag to replace his laptop bag). He wanted something more lighter since he takes the metro to work not the car like in FL. It is so cold here...about 53 degrees in the morning and 66 for the high! Of course I was not planning for the weather to be like this and only brought sandals (I did bring 2 sweaters!). I had to buy some tennis shoes yesterday so I wouldn't keep freezing ;-) I needed some new tennis shoes anyway...I meant to buy some in the US since they are considerable cheaper there but we ran out of time.

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