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Friday, June 18, 2010

first few days in Le Marais...

So in the first 5 days here in our district I have seen a French Movie being filmed, Fashion Photoshoot, Fashion Show and saw a French Actress.

Not sure what the movie is yet. F recognized the French Actor. I will look him up on to watch the movie...maybe we will be in it haha! They kept telling us to not look at the camera and keep walking haha! I looked pretty rough that day (just off the plane).

Fashion Show was held right next door from our apt (not the temp apt) at the car garage! YES CAR garage weird I know...but I guess they have shows there quite often (photo is from a fashion show held there in the past - it cleans up pretty well!).

Clemence Posey
was the French Actress I saw. She lives in Haut Marais (our neighborhood). She was just sitting at a corner cafe with a friend. As we drove by I thought to myself I know that girl. I recently saw the movie In Bruges she played the supporting actress against Colin Farrell. She is also in the Harry Potter movies (she plays Fleur Delacour). F did not recognize her but I did...

Well that is it so far...pretty different that Clearwater, FL (even tho I did recently see Kirstie Alley at the grocery store).

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  1. so COOL Tanya! You are living the life