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Thursday, June 24, 2010

temporary housing...

We can not wait to be outta here and into OUR apartment. I am tired of doing laundry every other day, running the dishwasher everyday and going to the market every other day because everything is miniature here! M is also waking us up at 6am screaming because he is sharing a room with us. He sees us and wants to wake up and play.

But alias OUR apartment is still not ready and we have no idea where our (air and sea) shipments are. The company that is coordinating our shipment has not answered the emails F has sent...and it's been 3 weeks now. We were told the air shipment would take 1-2 weeks and the sea 4-6 weeks. I am not very positive we will see anything for awhile!

Progress on the apartment renovations for the bath & bedroom! They put in all of the lighting, radiators and switches yesterday. And the flooring tile for the bathroom came in!!! So "HOPEFULLY" they will install it today and tomorrow!!! HOPEFULLY because of course C'est La France - the metro conductors are striking (most lines are running but at 50%/75% - this makes a big deal). My in-laws did not want to come into the city because they were afraid the rush hour traffic would be crazy leaving tonight.

I am going to go over there tomorrow to check it out. We are all going over on Saturday to clean (F's parents included). More details soon

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