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Monday, June 28, 2010

le weekend part deux

This weekend we spent cleaning again on Saturday. I finished up cleaning the large windows in our living room and bedroom (glass and frame). They are huge by the way at least 15 ft or more (I need to measure them for curtains so I will post the actual height). Needless to say I needed the largest ladder ever to get to the top. And I still could not get one angle so I had to have F (he is 6'3" btw!) help. I also washed the curtains in our new washer/dryer (all in one).

And good news our dryer WORKS (we have an all in one washer and dryer)! I have been having difficulties with the temporary apartments washer/dryer all in one. It just makes the wet clothes super HOT instead of actually drying them! My dad had this issue when they rented an apartment here 2 years ago. As well as another friend who rented an apartment for a short trip...he had to pack his suitcase with wet clothes! haha!

F worked on moving stuff into the Cave (Basement). We have a good sized basement probably around 100 sqft. However there is a lot of items that need to be thrown out (old wood from old/broken furniture). But once it is cleaned up we have some potential for storage.

ALSO one great thing is that our contractor came on Saturday too! I was so surprised to see him. He hung the doors in the bathroom and bedroom and set up the area for the shower and toilet. The next two weeks they will be finishing up. All they have left to do is finish the line for the water, grout all tile, paint the bedroom, install baseboards, toilet, shower, radiator, hot water heater and sink.

It sounds like a lot but the contractor said that these items will not take too long and that all of the hard work is done.

I will post some more pics this week (Tuesday) of their progress. I will also post a few "before" pics.

As for Sunday I will do another post as I have a few great photos from our walk around Paris.

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  1. wow, things are really progressing! I can't wait to see pics of your new place. So exciting!